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TV Shows : Airwolf

Date Added: August 21, 2008 10:47:04 PM
Category: Shopping: Entertainment
Remember those TV series back in 1980's? I can still remember the first Action TV series I've watched with my family. At first, I thought that Show was just another drama series since it was the trend during those times, but in other hand, I kind of liked it. My brother asked me favor to watch it for him so that I can tell him the story regarding the episode because he needs to go attend a group study. Airwolf The codename of a supersonic military helicopter which is used to undertook various missions. Till now, the helicopter used in the movie is still under the US military. The Helicopter and the stunts really amazed me. The Firm A government agency that specializes undercover missions for the country. Their agents are distinguishable by white dress code. Dr. Moffet Is the creator of Airwolf. He is the scientist of the agency and the first one to test it. But after the test flight, Dr. Moffet had turned the choppers flight power into the flight tower, causing damages to the airwolf. Micheal Coldsmith-Briggs III Also known as Archangel, he called upon hawke to take the Airwolf back to return it to its creator. Hawke, without any hesitation, accepted the mission, in return the agency will help him find his lost brother which he believed was lost during the war in Vietnam. Stringfellow Hawke Is the reclusive pilot of the Airwolf. Hawke lives in a cabin in the mountains with a priceless art collection and with only his dog Tet for company. He has been alone since his brother went missing in Vietnam. Airwolf TV Shows is distinctly written, above all Tv shows in the mid 80's, I'd say “That basket counts”! The mission and the spy thing really rocks with mellow-dramatic and cold war-like theme, the cases/missions that Hawke took were incredible. Hey! what can i say, the Show was really great! ***** RESOURCE: Author Einelle is a contributor of, a movie and tv series review blog. *****


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